Collaborative Authoring

Emphasis on text
Do your students work in groups? Do you want to know who contributes what pieces of information? Do you need a collaborative space for a collaborative project across classrooms or schools? Try one of these collaborative authoring environments. The workspace can be created instantaneously. And, there is a timeline tool to see all the contributions (and deletions)!typewithme_logo.jpg

Collaborate at iEtherpad or
Suggestion: While this is fine for word processing, more robust collaboration and rich media authoring can be done in Google Docs and in a wiki environment. These environments are more appropriate for quick, collaborative, and potentially spontaneous tasks.

Don't forget about Google Docs as a great option for collaboration!

Emphasis on visual representationdabbleboard_logo.jpg
Perhaps your students would like to brainstorm in a whiteboard environment, where text, graphics, links can be added by multiple users.

Asynchronous collaboration: Online stickie noteswallwisher_logo.jpg
Need a different kind of exit ticket? A place for students to record thoughts after reading an article or hearing a presentation? Think of it as a blank wall and moveable sticky notes written by anyone invited to write on the wall.
Wallwisher requires an account for the wall creator and the creator can decide the level of privacy and access to the wall.

Alternate website:

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Wallwisher in the classroom


Audiences (and students) are no longer relegated to a passive role during lectures, presentations, movies and other moments when open discussion may be considered rude or to be an interruption. Enter the “Back Channel”. This is an environment where multiple participants can discuss the matter at hand through a real-time chat environment without interrupting or disturbing the presentation. People can ask each other questions, make comments, get distracted, and give feedback

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Backchannel environments
Today’s meet

Backchannels can also be created through microblogging environments such as edmodo, and through twitter by using hashtags.