There are several ways to think about collaborative projects. They may be a classroom to classroom project, or involve multiple classrooms; they may be local or
international; they may require only email or perhaps a collaborative authoring space such as a wiki or Google doc. Collaborative Projects involve students in other classes, other schools, other countries.

Planning questions

1. I would like to connect my students... (How? With whom? In order to do what?)
2. What are the learning outcomes of participating? (Why participate? How will this experience strengthen learning?)
3. Nuts and Bolts: In order to make this happen I will/must....

Collaborative Projects

Involve your students with students in other classes, other schools, other countries! Collaborative projects may or may not involve video conferencing - it may simply be an exchange of information, may use Skype, may last only one day or span a period of time.

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Find Collaborative Projects

Virtual Field Trips

Generally involve two-way conferencing at an appointed time, with some pre- and post-activity structured by the teacher. This is a great way to connect with experts and visit remote locations

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