Selected Authoring Environments by Alphabetical order


Create your own video slideshow at

2013 MAAP Winter Conference
2013 Tech Fair Promo Video
All the broken pieces
Civil Rights Presentation
Hillsboro Elementary
The hunger games
Le Petit Prince
Kindergarten Pumpkin Seed Project
What is functional notation?

And here is a project description and rubric to create an animoto video based on The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

Animoto has an education account.


Blabberizing about planets - the student researched the planet and then narrated from first person
Using blabberize to introduce a research project


Use YouTube videos to create quizzes. No account required to play the quiz.

Explore the blubbrs tagged as education in the directory.


Glogster has an EDU service
Browse the Glogs

This handout will walk you through some of the key features of Glogster

How can Glogster be used in the classroom? Here are some examples of how teachers are using Glogster in their classes:

All About Me Project (Spanish) Note that students can include their own voices!
Costa Rica A different way to do a country report
The Grapes of Wrath
Green Tea Benefits
Native American Art & Line

Read more:
Teaching With Glogster: Using Virtual Posters in the Classroom
Historical Timelines with Glogster EDU

Go Animate

The Merchant of Venice: Shakespeare interview and globe. by leslieireland

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!


Digital storytelling

Cuban Missile Crisis:

Great Jazz Bassists and Their Influence Through the Ages:

The Arab Israeli Conflict

Social Media Discussion Board Presentation

Playing to Learn Prezi

Explore more prezis


The Way to Yonder by insomnamama on Storybird
Browse the online storybird books
Free class account for teachers




A voicethread could be as simple as one image:

It can be used to give voice to images, or merge poetry and photography:

It can be used to practice for the AP test for world language students:

Browse the voicethreads.
Voicethread has an edu account

Digital storytelling with the ability to have text, audio, video, or doodle commentary on each slide. You must have a VoiceThread account in order to create or comment.

You can set preferences to allow others to comment as well. VoiceThread is an interesting, easy to use web-based environment for digital storytelling and there is an education portal.

Langwitchesdescribes how she used it with her students and how to get started.

Other Examples

This quick start guide can get you started and this tutorial is well done.

Like VoiceThread? Here is a VoiceThread Ning you could consider joining!

Think VoiceThreads is a wiki created by educators on the PBwiki platform - great ideas there too!

VoiceThread in Education is a presentation with many examples and ideas.


High School book talk vokis
Middle School Math examples
Vokis in science using the text to speech
Words of encouragement to students via Voki
Wonderful world of Voki prezi with embedded student examples

Here is a page with instructions on how to create a voki (without registering for an account) and submitting that informatoin via a form to the teacher for subsequent embedding. This project was for middle school language arts, where students had the avatar speak their poems. Voki can also be useful for English language learners.

Voki has a Voki for Education area


Several examples linked one teacher's experience
Several examples of Aristotle's poetics

Watch movies at Xtranormal's website or YouTube channel to get an idea of the product. Can be made in the web-based environment or in STATE (download required)

EDU portal available.