Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

Go beyond poster presentations and PowerPoint to create meaningful student-generated multimedia-rich projects to demonstrate learning plus how to assess them!

Today will be a hands-on experience with many different tools - you will need to pick and choose where to spend your creating time!

Why incorporate digital storytelling and digital presentations?

  • Provide a variety of media for students to demonstrate what they know and understandCan make accommodations for different learners and learning styles
  • Build technology skills
  • Develop communication skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to synthesize across information and media

Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

Digital Storytelling is conveying a story from within a digital environment. A presentation, on the other hand, may simply share information.

Jason Ohler has fantastic classroom-related digital storytelling resources.

Thought questions on Jason Ohler's website:
1. How is storytelling related to literacy?
2. How is art related to storytelling?
3. What are DAOW, media literacy, and media fluency?
4. What are some different kinds of stories?
5. Look at the examples - what do you notice?

So what is a story? (and really, many of the elements below can apply to a presentation too)
7 elements of a story (Tutorial) Adapted from
1. Point of View - what is your point? What is the goal?
2. Dramatic Question - the action, tension, central desire...
3. Emotional Content or paradigm - inspirational, love, loneliness, friendship...
4. Gift of your voice - your audio recording (practice and relax, be conversational)
5. Power of soundtrack - music, sound effects, your own lyrical narration (watch copyright)
6. Economy - the sequence of events, images, text - (keep it simple)
7. Pacing - the rhythm, planned and telling pauses, starts and stops
Perhaps you prefer a visual representation of the above information?

Effective digital storytelling and presentations

Process (very simplified)
1. Write the story / gather information, synthesize, write
2. Storyboard the image ideas and organize the content (Printable Paper has storyboards)
3. Create the story in a digital environment (college media, organize, write script, create)
4. Share with others

Selected Digital Environments Overview and Examples
Easy (single frame/element)
Blabberize A single photo to which you give voice narration - and identify a moving mouth which adds animation to your blabber
Animations and Video This tool analyzes an uploaded set of images, video and text to creates a music video. Very easy to create elegant picture shows.
Blubbr allows you to use video, interspersing questions in a multiple choice quiz format after watching snippets.
Domo animate create simple animations
GoAnimate - create animations based on provided character sets, with music
kerpoof - make drawings, movies, stories
Xtranormal Write a script, select characters, define their actions, identify camera angles to create a movie. Text to speech is computer-generated.
fotobabble Add audio to a photo
"Books" , Scrapbooks, Sequential Stories
Little Bird Tales Use your own artwork and voice to make your storybook
Myths and Legends Create stories with culturally-rich backgrounds and characters
Scrapblog takes scrapbooking online.
StorybirdCreate a book with art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print.
Storyboard Generator allows you to storyboard.
Create books at Tikatok
zooburst Create a 3D popup book.
PreziThink of this as a linear presentation authored and shown within a 3D sphere of action. So there is depth and transitions to any direction available.
PicLits add text to an image
Comic Generators
Creaza Cartoonist
Make Beliefs Comixcreate comics
PikikidsUse your own photos to create a comic book style page
Pixtonallows you to create your own comics, has a portal for schoolsand is partnered with multiple interactive whiteboard vendors.
Toondoocreate comics

Voki A single talking avatar which can use your voice or text to speech
Multimedia Posters
GlogsterCreate multimedia poster projects that incorporate text, photos, video, graphics. There is a page on this wiki dedicated to glogster with helpful details.

yodio Create a narration to accompany a photo
Multimedia Slideshows
Narrable allows you to add voice narration to a series of photos.
PhotoPeach: Create a lively and vivid slideshow by moving your photos like a video with your choice of background music, captions on each photo
SlideStory allows you to add your voice to photos in a slideshow format.
VoicethreadUse images to create an electronic slide show - what is unique is the ability for others to provide comments and feedback via text, audio, video.

visit the media page for a variety of image-editing tools

Create timelines at Dipity

Audioboo - audio only

Download: Microsoft Photo Story 3
Download: Windows Live Movie Maker 2011

DoppleMe - create a custom avatar for use in other projects

EyeJot - video mail

More Storytelling environments:
50 Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story

Find music to use at Jamendo and

Read more

Additional digital storytelling resources:
Edutopia - How to Use Digital Storytelling in the Classroom
Web 2.0 Storytelling overviewby Bryan Alexander will push your thinking about what is defined as a story and where it can be published.

Lindsey Olivares - Senior Thesis - Ringling College of Art and Design - Anchored: