Giving Voice


Voki allows you to create an avatar and give it a voice. Check the Voki Blog for great ideas and examples!

Here is a page with instructions on how to create a voki (without registering for an account) and submitting that information via a form to the teacher for subsequent embedding. This project was for middle school language arts, where students had the avatar speak their poems. Voki can also be useful for English language learners.

Voki has an area for educators called the Voki Classroom and lessons plans online.

Link to Susan and the red car.

Similar Services
Audiopal is the same company, and has voice only, no avatar.


Bblabberize allows you to bring a photograph or graphic to life, identifying a mouth which will move in time with your audio.

Here are some additional examples:
Amelia Earhart report
Teacher introducing a research project
Student Juan Ponce de Leon report

Similar service
fotobabble - no moving mouth, only an accompanying audio file.

Audio-only Environments

Audioboo allows you to easily create audio files and allow others to leave text or audio comments. This service also has a mobile device environment for iPhone and Android devices.
Vocaroo is a super simple interface, no frills, simple audio file creation tool - with the ability to download the mp3 file.
Voxopop - think of this as an audio only discussion forum - start a group, and then start threads.
vozMe is a simple text to speech reader

CLEAR'S Audio Dropbox - can be an embeddable interactive audio activity. An account is needed and is free. Try this sample:

What plans do you have for the summer? You have 30 seconds to respond to that question prompt. Be sure to include what, when, where, why, and with whom.

What are your learning goals for spring? You have 30 seconds to respond to the question prompt. This is a video prompt, so you will be prompted to grant your webcam permission to operate.

The teacher has a great administration panel to listen and download the files:


CLEAR has several other tools that allow for video, mashups, and online interactive activities.