Google Docs, iGoogle, and Other Cool Google Tools!

Description: Google goes way beyond searching! Did you know Google has document, spreadsheet, and presentation programs free to use? And you can use Google Docs to collaborate with others in real time? And you can create custom searches to automatically feed information to you? Plus, learn how to customize an iGoogle home page with various Google widgets. Teachers and students love Google’s various tools and services - come find out why!

Google Docs are now considered apps and part of Google Drive. Watch this video for more information on Google Drive.

In order to use Google Docs, you need a Google Account. Think of this as registering at a website - just like any other website that requires a login. A Google Account consists of an email and password. You may use any email address you wish for your login. If you have a gmail email account, that is your google account. If you do not have a gmail email account, you may either (1) register for a gmail account or (2) sign up with your existing email account as your login.

You may use any email address as your login for a Google Account ID - and a confirmation will be required. Read more:
  • Setting up a Google Account ID:Google is testing verification by text message instead of email - if you do not have a text messaging plan, follow the "contact us" link on the verification page to request account activation.

Do you want to create unique logins for your students? Then create a gmail classroom account and aliases for each student. Gmail address aliases (variations using "." or "+") - from gmail, or perhaps this explanation or this explanation, All email addressed to the alias will arrive in the main account.

Collaboration with Google Docs

Ever need to gather information about/from your students AND have it at your digital fingertips? Collect it through either a Google Docs Spreadsheet form. Take Google Forms one step further - turn your form into a self-grading activity (think quiz, exit ticket, quick comprehension check, etc.) - learn more with this 9 minute video tutorial.
If your students are going to collect and analyze data, here is a possibleto evaluate their work.

Want to use Google Forms in your classroom? A Form is part of the Google Spreadsheet, which is part of Google Docs. You need a Google Account.

What are Google Docs?
View this 2 minute video, Google Docs in Plain English

Why use Google docs?
  • Create and share your work online
  • Upload from and save to your desktop
  • Edit anytime, from anywhere
  • Pick who can access your documents and what editing/viewing permission they can have
  • Share changes in real time
  • Files are stored securely online
  • It's FREE!

Information from Google
Google Docs
Google Docs Tour
Google Docs Help How do I get started?

Google has a whole section dedicated to Google Docs for Educators. and Google is constantly releasing new features, gadgets, and tools so be sure to check out the various components available in Google Docs!

Using Google Docs in the Classroom
Google Docs & Spreadsheets: Collaborating in the Classroom or Library
Google Docs for Educators: Classroom Activities
Teach Collaborative Revision with Google Docs
Here are great **reference posters** for your classroom!

Here are two great resources, created in a Google Presentation, and open to contributions
Use Google Forms in the Classroom
Use Google Docs in the Classroom

Google Docs for Teachers:

Examples of Calls for Collaboration in Google Docs

A Spanish teacher asked for collaboration on a google doc via twitter to co-construct activities to accompany youtube commercials:
SECottrell's collaborative google doc

And a colleague was preparing a presentation to the local school board, and so he created a Google Doc to gather thoughts and advice from colleagues across the country with regard to an upcoming presentation to the Board on social media management.

Tom Barrett is using open Google Docs to gather ideas from teachers around the world - topics include a variety of technology environments.

Google Forms are an easy way to gather a variety of data. Complete this form now and we will gather data about our audience. This French teacher uses a Google Form to collect data from students watching this film or to ask questions and make observations of this film, and this German teacher collected information about her students.

iGoogle is a customized Google page. iGoogle enables you to have information you choose come to you by adding gadgets and RSS feeds. You can organize your content within tabs, and add a theme to your iGoogle page. With iGoogle you can design, organize, collect, analyze, share, and follow news and information.

iGoogle: A mini product tour

Google provides online help.

How to start? Sign in to your Google Account. On the home page, click on the iGoogle link.

More Google Services

Google Alerts From Google or iGoogle, go to "more" and "even more" to find Google Alerts. Alerts provide particular search results to you via email. For example, I have Alerts set up for "world language" and "foreign language."

Google Talk Google Account Required
Google Talk can be a stand alone application as well as appear embedded on your iGoogle page and gmail page. Video chat and file sharing are available too. Chat conversations can be archived automatically to your gmail account.

Google Calendar Google Account Required
Set up a calendar to track your appointments. Many airline, hotel, and car rental websites have the ability to automatically add this information to your Google Calendar should you so choose. In addition, you can create multiple layers to your calendar, such as personal and professional, and each layer has its own privacy setting and is color coded. Each layer can be easily toggled on and off from view. In addition, you can share you Google calendar with other users.

Google Scholar
Looking for research on a particular topic? Search here for research articles, see who is citing what articles, how many are citing particular articles, etc.

Google Voice – Google Account Required, Invitation Required
You can have your own custom Google phone number set up to automatically forward to your primary phone, or use your own number. If you don’t answer, a voice message can be left and Google Voice will transcribe the message into text.

Google Books – Google Account Required
Set up a reading shelf of books of interest to you to share with others

Google Plus - Google Account Required
Google's social network, similar to facebook.