Online interactive learning tools


Practice knowledge-level information with Quizlet flash cards quizlet-logo.jpg. Visit Quizlet for Teachers.
Quizlet has flash card and other study games. Can be played on mobile devices too. Anyone can make flashcards. And now Quizlet has the ability to add images, making it even better! If you are going to use an image, make sure you have copyright clearance to do so!

PhotoPeach logo_photpeach.jpg

PhotoPeach allows you to create slide shows with interactive questions.
PhotoPeach is rather versatile - it could be considered a presentation tool as well as a digital storytelling tool.

Google Earth

Google Earth - visit the 21Things for Teachers website for more information about Google Earth. Google Earth must be downloaded and installed so we will not be using Google Earth during this session. Also, it is a bandwidth heavy application - so beware if you have an entire computer lab using Google Earth! Google Earth does have a browser plug in, but that too must be downloaded and installed. Visit the Google Earth and Maps Tutorialspage - create your own layer for Google Earth and custom Google Maps!

Interactives Exploration

The following websites have collections of interactives.